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I find your work so insightful and clear. I love seeing you in my inbox and am always left with a big bone to chew on. Thank you for your work. Don’t stop.

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I appreciate this insight, but you manage to take a positive and complain. Why not make the point that this could have been happening all along and proceed to give more forward thinking ideas of what else to do.

What are some other things the Blue team can do.

Where is Melania?

Bring all the trump cases that are being delayed to the court of public opinion….delay is what guilty people and cowards do….claims of immunity are as good as admissions of guilt….I had a right to the classified documents is so obviously an admission of taking them….etc.


The bloodbath candidate promised one if he loses and another one if he wins with all the talk of retribution and arresting people he doesn’t like….and remind folks that dictators purge, kill, and disappear even people who are on their side once they come to power.

Go Blue team.

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You're allowed to be frustrated after a decade of giving the same advice and it not being followed.

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Love the Coke analogy.

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This is 100% spot on. It speaks to the weakness of the DNC. Worse, its speaks to the people Biden (and Clinton) surround themselves with. They have corporate thinkers and not leaders who are focused on voters. They don't communicate and message because they don't think they have to. Now, after nearly 4 years, they want us to come back and vote for folks who didn't focus on us the last 3.5 years. The coke analogy is brilliant, BTW. Republicans have saturated the minds of voters with their message and given the media something to message since the 1990s. As a result, voters don't know what's happening and what's truth. This is why republicans keep getting elected when they only represent the very wealthy. Worse, democrats have not learned a thing and the DNC hasn't changed over the last 30 years.

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So what you’re saying is that the Biden-Harris comms team finally hired someone with the TALENT to instigate engagement.

Because the Coke analogy is actually what Ds have done for years. They were far more interested in selling their good ideas to the point that pundits called them boring and mocked them for giving speeches.

Now they’ve entered the troll fray.

And you like that better.

It’s okay to admit that without suggesting that Ds have been somehow “failing” via their less aggressive accounts.

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Think I was pretty clear in what I was saying. No, Democrats have not been selling their ideas. If you're selling, it isn't boring.

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C’mon Oliver,

Trump never pretended to sell anything real. He called people stupid names and yelled motherfucker every once in a white.

See, Rs are allowed to campaign exclusively on negativity. Ds are constantly called on to answer for their positive contributions.

But in order to brag about those achievements, it’s necessary to bring up policy, because that’s what made those better things possible.

Which you call boring. What I don’t get is why when you can see the sheer amount of effort the opposition puts into sabotaging policy.

How is that NOT a novela every week?

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You can talk about policy without boring. Democrats for years have used the excuse that its "too complex" to excuse their failure to market policy and ideas. It's weak and sad and the party's own actions during election years shows how untrue it is.

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