Being Trans in this country the last 2 years has been horrifying. The steady drum beat started before the election, and since Biden won,it just gets louder every day.

I live in Nebraska, I'm used to being surrounded by conservatives. Luckily I live in Lincoln, the capital, so it's more lefty here than other places in the state

When I transitioned years ago,during the process of name change and everything, judges,clerks,dmv employees,etc everyone was actually really nice about it. We are such a tiny % we don't bother anyone. It wasn't controversial.

Now a mere 6years later, we are all of a sudden under attack from the Governor. I'm a state employee, and have been discriminated by his office several times. On purpose. This newsletter, always great,but really hits the mark. They need a villain, to play the victim, while they destroy lives.

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So sorry it’s this way, and horrified and angry too. When it comes to the oppressor, it doesn’t much matter who we are, the oppressor does to each and every one of us the same, one by one. You’re correct about the niceness of individual people/human beings, I used to rely on that, about 10 years ago, to protect all of us. Now I don’t know - the hatred, contempt & disdain seems so overwhelming. I choose to keep believing but the confidence in the innate decency of humans is gone. Where are we as a nation of people with all of this? So sorry you are being singled out for discrimination individually & personally by the governor of your state & his office. I like to think the governor of my state would not and is not doing that - but I know the legislature of my state is doing exactly that each and every day. Gerrymandering and it’s cohorts have a lot to explain, and even more to undo.

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"Conservatism is obsessed with control. It wants to bend people to conform to its world view and it is willing to mow down innocent people just trying to live their lives to do so."

The word you're looking for to describe this is fascism.

The fascist crowd in the US is composed of rank and file GOP voters; they vote for the (no longer even bothering with camouflage) fascists of CPAC because that's what the rank and file wants.

Focusing on the media and elected fascist figureheads is a mistake.

They are a reflection of, and emerge from, the fascist crowd, and are beholden to it.

Look at each and every rank and file GOP voter. There's your fascists. None are duped, none vote for other <reasons>.

They wish to impose an apartheid state that permits the fascist crowd to engage in violence in the service of their grotesque bigotry, with impunity. All other talking points are noise.

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I won't comment on your well written missive because of how angry all this "small gov" BS makes me. Absolute garbage humans, not sure who I loate more, true believers like ol chip roy, or gop that "know better" like thillis. In the end they all are rotten, and I'll keep this space civil. Onto why I'm really here, Kal, we don't have a dog right now and are attempting to adopt, so these pics of an obviously charismatic pooch are a delight. I want to pet that snout so bad. All the benefits without the squirrel freak outs. Great article OW thank you.

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Wow Oliver. You hit it out of the park! My dearly departed dad used to say "never trust people who only read one book". Is it all that intensive Bible reading that makes these conservatives so mind-bogglingly mean hateful self-centered and closed?

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I don’t think so, they just use it to support an innate meanness of spirit which they are freely giving themselves permission to buy into and proclaim loudly. It’s not the book, it’s the individual choice. At some point, it’s individual choice. We all get to choose, I believe this because of my own life experience. And honestly, every day I say thank you to that one person who bluntly told me that I was too old to parrot nonsense that my parents said without examining exactly what I was saying. I listened, stopped, thought about it - and began to think about what I was saying, what I was doing and Who I aspire to be as a human being. I’m accountable. Each of us is, there no free lunch. We don’t get to blame others or books or whatever fir what we individually do. Despite the price we may pay. And I did pay a price for not being a parrot. But I can live with myself.

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