Excellent, albeit painful, assessment. I'll add the Rev Warnock's obvious superlative qualification added to this travesty. They did not dare run another white to be beaten by "that n-----." They would love to win with HW but if they lose they can claim RW victory is hollow. And if HW wins, they will have him for 6 years to make their bigoted point about Blacks.

I hate them with every fiber of my being.

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Georgia voters, please support "Walkers For Warnock". Make this a thing!

Walkers For Warnock, a newly formed organization of potential step brothers and sisters who know or suspect that Herschel Walker is their biological father, has announced plans to support Raphael Warnock in the runoff election for the Georgia Senate seat. The Atlanta based group announced it will hold "Walks For Warnock" each Saturday until the election.

The rapidly expanding group plans to walk 2.4 miles from the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where both MLK and Warnock preached, to Planned Parenthood's East Atlanta Health Center, one of several locations patronized by women impregnated by Walker, the former football star and GOP candidate.

A spokesperson for Walkers For Warnock says their goal is to rally support for Warnock and abortion rights, but at the same time, "it's an opportunity to celebrate our lives, bond with our newly discovered step siblings, and pay tribute to those that might have been."

Walkers For Warnock has step brother/sister affiliates in Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, and Philadelphia, cities where Walker lived during his football career. Each has plans to announce their own Walk For Warnock event. The sheer number of members in those areas exceeds those in Georgia, but they cannot vote in the election. However, they are eager to raise funds for the reelection of the Democratic candidate, Raphael Warnock.

Facing accusations from the Walker campaign that Walkers For Warnock members are simply angling to reclaim unpaid child support, a Dallas-based member shrugged it off.

"That's ridiculous. He don't have enough money. There are too many of us. Like I'm gonna spend my weekends walking across town for what, like $8? He run off on us. Now, we're gonna run off on him."


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Herschel Walker is an insult to anyone with more than a third of a functional brain cell.

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As someone of leftist sympathies I have no doubt that every thing you say is correct. But I suspect you have missed out on an important thing: HW is a wonderful speaker. Seriously. He is only bad if you look for any sense in the content of what he says. He sounds superb. The physicality, the timbre, the flow, the southern accent. It's all there. And I was about to say, "If only he was smarter than an hamburger". But that would be a cheap shot too. It may well be that he is simply ill-educated and for a long time hasn't had any reason to turn his mind to much except football (and … er , women).

As for his morals? The Right DO NOT CARE. Give the guy six months of civics classes and next time they can run him in another purplish state where he doesn't live, and look out!

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What war? As if she was the ONLY vote for whatever war you're referring to. Again your reply is lame . You said you've watched her behavior. I asked for specifics, and you reply w/a war.

What behavior?

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You were doing so well, and then you wrote "I detest her..." and every word from that point wasn't worth reading.

How do you detest someone you don't know?

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