I would go a step further.

The endless cringeworthy statements by Democratic politicians, starting with "my friends across the aisle" or "my distinguished colleagues on the right" are a form of gaslighting.

Downplaying the threat makes Democrats look weak, tone deaf, and out of touch. It not only normalizes radicalized GOP officials, and gives cover to legacy media "both-siderism", but it undermines activists and the Democratic base.

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"They would rather Democrats keep their heads held high, ceding the low road to the right — it’s where they belong, right?

This is naive and destructive."

Fuckin' A, dude.

Right with you.

Dems will never get bonus points for remaining 'civil', and frankly the fascists and their enablers will caterwaul about Dems 'debasing discourse' no matter what Dems say, or how they say it. (I think David Brooks would burst into flames if anyone pointed out to his smug pumpkin head that his refined discourse and back-patting 'insights' amounts to nothing more than shallow, craven water-carrying for people who want to destroy pluralistic democracy. Because, deep down, he wants to destroy pluralistic democracy, but won't say so in polite company, or on national tv. Fuck that guy.)

I'm glad folks are staring to catch on- the fascist crowd (the rank and file GOP voters, and everyone they try to install in public office) are a collection of vile, deranged morons. They represent the worst that humanity has to offer, and they revel in it. A basket of deplorables indeed, to paraphrase the email lady.

The only reason, ever, to take the high road, is because it is a better station from which to drop shit onto the heads of every one of those worthless bags of vomit.

Did I mention they're vile, deranged morons? Every last one of them.

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Yes! I'm not sure where the "high road" idea among Democrats became standard. I get it, but the times do not call for good feelings and bipartisanship. Liberals need to not go down the Republican highway of smack talk and misinformation. They don't need to come up with insulting nicknames, either. Just tell the truth like Swalwell did with his time questioning Garland yesterday.

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True but extremely depressing. Is this really the best we can do?

If politics is like pro-wrestling it is even worse than described, violent, phony, manipulated by powers behind the scenes. Bread and circuses.

And the advice to Dems is to learn to play the game better. Maybe, but we need to do more than that. Fix Media Now.

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I actually got banned from Twitter (pre X) and spent countless days and months in Facebook prison for expressing myself in much the same manner. I never backed down from a verbal attack from any right wing douche bag , and I’m not sorry for any of it. I reality I was a loser for spending the time to engage these stupid bastards.

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The failure of Democrats, Progressives, and media to directly attack those behind the reality distortions, media moguls like Murdoch, billionaire trolls like Musk, the Federalist Society and its funders, and right-wing religious groups funding hate, is inexplicable.

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Breath of fresh air & creative thinking. Thanks, Oliver💙🍀💪

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Hell yeah, you’re right!

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I admit that I am one who preferred to stay above the fray, but that sentiment went out the window somewhere around the 3rd year of trumps presidency.

He was the first president I recall to not only attack various opponents, which is the norm, but also his own appointed staff, and most of all voters! It was unbelievable. He was only the president of people who liked him or supported him and everyone else was fit for jail, ignored or now, death, which meant majority of the country was not being served by Trump.

He literally had no interest in serving the majority of the country b/c the majority clearly hated him for good reasons. No one was actually served by him, except for the handful of billionaires who received his tax cut & the media who salivated over his every word!

So it’s well past time for Democrats to stop their meek and mild high road language.

At my husband‘s job there was an incident in the warehouse last week. A cat had somehow gotten in and when a truck came for a delivery, the cat’s tail ended up trapped between a pallet and a lift gate. Poor kitty was scared & pissed! Anyone who stepped forward to assist was met with its wrath. Finally one associate said he was “the cat whisperer” and he was going to take care of the situation. He went up with some calming phrases & gestures & he ended up at the urgent care for deep scratches & bites.

That’s what keeps happening to Dems who think they are extremists whisperers: they end up in urgent care, hoping voters can save them.

(The cat was eventually freed & tail was ok).

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When they go low, kick them in the face.

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This is LONG overdue by the Dems...by 30 years! Starting with Rush Limbaugh, Newt, then Fox "News" and everyone in the GOP since and this is the total Trump m.o. And the Dems...always on the defensive, measured tones, civility and the usual "we go high..." and "we don't do soundbites, we do facts..."

How's that worked so far? If elected Dems don't get aggressive now, when??

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It feels like WWE because McMahon is a close advisor to DJT...

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You're of course quite right. Ignore the Tone Police that will come knocking, too. Who cares what David Brooks thinks?

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You have my vote because you are absolutely correct.

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