Fully agree. It also feels like the Democrat calculation is often, "If you fight, you might lose and we don't want to appear to lose." This results in them preemptively ruling out tactics and often results in them doing nothing at all.

It's unlikely we can get Clarence Thomas out of the Supreme Court without a major fight, so we won't hold hearings or call for him to resign. We'll just ask John Roberts pretty please do to something.

Minting the trillion dollar coin or invoking the 14th amendment would be bold and radical and provoke challenges. That's too risky. So we have to negotiate with bad faith players on the debt ceiling. Neither of those options are as radical as letting the U.S. default on its debt. But it's not comfortable to think outside the box, so we won't do it. We'll play by the rules that Republicans have to vote for a thing even if it means giving up concessions that we don't have to give up.

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The Biden Administration is looking closely at the 14th Amendment and may well invoke it. There’s no explaining the 1T coin to independent voters--they’d see it as a sign of weakness.

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I am indie & understand the 1T.

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I’m sure that I would have no trouble finding ten who don’t.

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What is it that you understand about independent voters that has caused you to conclude that “there’s no explaining the 1T coin to” them? I’m unaffiliated, and understand the 1T coin. But I don’t have much sense about what unaffiliated voters tend to be or do as a collective. I honestly never see much analysis of the demographic. Where do you get info about them as a voting bloc?

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Because I’ve been a political junkie for over fifty and have developed a pretty sense of where voters live. Do I know for a fact how independent voters would trend over a $1T coin? Of course not. I know what I’d bet on, though.

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How would they interpret caving on a chunk of his legislative achievements to an extreme GOP caucus holding the economy hostage?

Take decisive action to protect the economy while forcing the GOP to argue why they should be allowed to periodically hold it hostage.

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I doubt they’ll make the connection. Most people aren’t following debt ceiling approval and are unaware of the stakes of not approving it. The MSM has of course abrogated its responsibility and presented this as political pro wrestling. Indy voters would see the coin as a cheap trick—unfair fighting. I don’t like this and I wouldn’t see it this way myself, but that’s the landscape.

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I agree entirely. We need to speak out positively in favor of our values and our vision for this country. In a series of focus groups I did last year, the one refrain that I heard from everyone is that they need to see the fight. They can't know that we're fighting for them if we only see the wins. In that case, they don't know that the wins took a huge amount of work or that the losses were hard fought! Our recommendations to Democrats were to "Show your work!" Show the steps you are taking. Show the fights you win and the fights you lose, but most of all, show that you are fighting!

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May 10, 2023·edited May 10, 2023

This is a really great point. Thank you

I sure need to see the fight. There is widespread view that we have a “uniparty”, that Ds and Rs are in league in corruption, ripping off Americans. If Democrats would like to dispel this, they should get more aggressive in fighting back.

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100% spot on; am sharing to my socials and also with my local Democratic orgs' leadership.

And, as always, Kal-El is a very good boy. :)

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May 10, 2023·edited May 10, 2023

While I agree Democrats are the far safer choice than Republicans, I’m beginning to lose my faith they have what it takes to oppose this authoritarian onslaught.

Sarah Kendzior’s book “They Knew” documents how Democrat’s complacency, failures and deals with the devil have played a part in bringing us to this point. We have one party that evades the law willy nilly. And another that seems to help them get away with it time and time again. Since Watergate really. No one paid any real price for Iran Contra, Plame Affair, Iraq War justification. And this all paved the way for Trump’s impunity. And now, even tho Mueller said Trump could be prosecuted the moment he leaves office, he has not been, even after a coup attempt. And where’s action on the totally naked corruption in Scotus? The silence is deafening

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Absolutely agree with both the stance that Senator Durbin has been weak on the perfidy of the Republicans, and that is it necessary to criticize as warranted. I have stated several times on Twitter (including while critiquing this Administration on the "Covid Is Over" forced narrative) that I am a citizen, NOT an acolyte, and will speak out as needed.

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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

Any random 30 minutes on MSNBC should prove that Democrats are at least equal to republicans at generating oversimplified misleading hyperbolic narrative.

If you've smartly cancelled your cable subscription then just scroll through your favorite Facebook activist friends newsfeed. It's all there.

Perhaps that's what democrats need to move away from, rather than to further embrace.

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Thank you for this; many of us have been screaming about this since 2015 when we saw what was starting to happen.

I’ve chewed Jamie H up repeatedly in Twitter on his lack of DNC leadership & promotion. I’ve yelled at the “Squad” who were supposedly bold young progressives not afraid to be loud & assertive. They are like those popping firecrackers children throw on the sidewalk - sporadic bits of noise that don’t have an impact if it hits your feet. They are no match for (& don’t even seem to try) MTG, Boebert, etc.

All these years later, Dems still haven’t risen to the challenge or learned how to use media, branding, unity & are still playing the glazed over, ineffective biz as usual game.

Poor Biden has more spunk & oomph but they aren’t standing by him or protecting him the way MAGA & conservatives surround trump. We don’t need blind allegiance like that, but can they at least openly support him & do their whispering behind closed doors?

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Yeah, this is a publication I need to be reading. I woke up from a 27-year political coma in 2016. Rather, when I woke up I realized I was left of the Democratic Party. I had fascism tingles over the Gingrich Contract With America. But I figured I would be okay ultimately with either party. Man was I wrong.

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Sure, with Dems things get better. It's getting our reps in

the House and Senate moving. Getting them to

"take it to them" every time

and quit the infighting, especially in the House. They

ALL need to unite behind Biden/Harris now and 2024.

Stop the gossiping with these

"unnamed sources" to MSM.

A united, strong blue front in

DC will go miles and miles into their districts to make

things a lot better.

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Totally nailed it with this one.

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The issue is that the most strident criticism comes from the populist wing of the party, which sees itself as above criticism but that is in reality as flawed or more so than the institutionalist wing that it tears into.

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I just read about a turbine that crapped out in NOLA. It’s utilized to power the pumps.

I want action on a host of fronts and we aren’t even capable of handling maintenance much less moving forward.

In Boston a sensor instrument in a heavy box attached to a post in a MBTA station broke free from it’s mount and fell on a commuter.

Placed by Homeland Security to detect gas attacks or some such nonsense.


Program ended.

No one had scheduled it’s removal.

Probably installed by an idiot.

By the way I loathe “Homeland”.

I am 70 and that rings sour to me.

Change it.

We better quit yapping and get to work.

I got two plumbers a carpet installer here and the vinyl plank fellow Is back to replace one plank that didn’t seat correctly in the kitchen . I was cool with the initial fix but not Doozie.

“ It’s nuthin “

“ I practically stubbed my toe”

He has to disassemble a significant section to get to it. The carpet guy and the floor guy both said “ 2 more years and I’m done”


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Agreed! We Dems need to be Info Warriors, coined by Simon Rosenberg here on Substack at Hopium Chronicles. A 30 yr Dem strategist who brings the goods in his ‘ WITH DEMS ITS BETTER’ deck with DATA that is mind blowing! PLEASE Sub there, watch it and link it to your social nets and to your local Dem, DNC, and voter groups via FB and Twitter and other platforms.

Also link to those groups that David Pakman and NoLie BTC have Spanish channels on YouTube! So important to reach them too!

I will link Simon’s deck! SPREAD PLEASE AND BE LOUD AND PROUD!

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Need more proof? Ready to be ‘ INFO WARRIORS’?? Watch ‘With Democrats things get BETTER!!‘ your DATA fix Mightily Mighty and be Info Warriors for Dems in 2024!


Simon Rosenberg MTN’s red wave prebunker

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