Wow, Republicans are claiming Obama has even more in common with Lincoln?

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“I don’t pity conservatives for having these racist hang-ups.”

Me neither. I grew up around it and apologized for it for too many years.* “Deplorable” is nice.

* I actually bought into all that New South nonsense of the 80s. It was only after I moved away that I realized that not much had changed,

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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The First White President” is required reading.

As a straight, white male I wish I could offer some insight as to whyTF they’re like this. I’m old enough that I was brought up with some casual racism. But then I lived in, y’know, the world.

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You have a choice. You can stand up for what's right, or

go along to get along. Conservatives have a problem with the going along.

Tucker Carlson is an infected

blister on any media platforms butt. He's only gotten more disgusting since

banned from Fox. And that

entertainment media is

the pits to begin with. It's a

really sad and bad reflection

on a large part of our population that eats it up on

X and Fox. An even worse

reflection of the conservatives and republican

party, these 2 venues are their bully pulpits.

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Sep 8·edited Sep 8

Obama knew he would be not just attacked, but scrutinized to an unprecedented degree. And he gave them nothing to work with. Not simply because he's got political skills and character, but because he gets it. No openings, no footholds (unless you count policy differences). Cool and disciplined. Consequently his foes made fools of themselves. Which is normal, but there was something different I'd say. If they had any shame, they'd ritually kill themselves after such abject failure to bruise or unsettle this guy. Talk about grasping at straws. There isn't even a shadow of a straw when you're reduced to claiming his wife is transexual for example. An enemy with real material uses it. What is this shit.

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Love this: "With Trump, every day began with the concern that he would forget how to operate a doorknob". LOL!

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I don't think you can label all conservatives as as stupid as Tucker Carlson and his ilk. There are some left who are still rational.

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White supremacists are the living refutation of the concept: pathetic losers and not very bright.

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After a post like that, I’m glad you have the comfort of a good dog.

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wahoo! Love President Obama!!!

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