Are we supposed to believe that a significant number of leftists attend Kinzinger’s book signings?

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It’s not antisemitism to criticize the actions of the Israeli government, which has been mistreating the people of Gaza for generations, and now appears to have decided to just blow them all up.

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First, I don't accept the designation of 'far left' for many who claim that mantle. Most wouldn't recognize the radical aspects, for instance, of civil rights and environmental advocacy, as a critique of socioeconomic arrangements. The myopia and 'True Scotsman' nonsense that permeates the self-described 'far-left' is a wonder to behold (looking at the scions of privileged, comfortable radicals over at Jacobin as a prime example).

Second, the anti-Semitism of brogressives is on par with their inability to discern racism, misogyny and homophobia in the world. It really is a thing, and it really is a problem:

"Like many American Jews, Jonah Goldman sides politically with the left, including its push for the rights of Palestinians.

During college, he was active in J Street, the liberal Jewish advocacy group that opposes the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and lobbies for a two-state solution.

But in the aftermath of Hamas’ gruesome raid on Israel this month, Goldman has never felt so isolated from people he long considered his allies...

Good people he never considered antisemitic suddenly seemed “supportive of Jewish genocide,” he said...

“The left in America has really let us down,” said Goldman, 31, who lives in the Washington area and considers himself a Democrat and a socialist...

Rabbi Sharon Brous, a progressive leader of the IKAR congregation in Los Angeles who is known for her public criticism of the Israeli government, summed up the views of many.

“The clear message from many in the world, especially from our world — those who claim to care the most about justice and human dignity — is that these Israeli victims somehow deserved this terrible fate,” she said during a recent sermon that was posted online and went viral.

Antisemitism is so “embedded” in society, she said, that “people cannot even see it.”

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What the hell is Kinzinger doing? Why the mudslinging at progressive Democrats? I thought he retired from politics, but he seems to think he should be making public comments that are pure bullshit and will help the GOP, the party that not only threw him under the bus but inspired many actual death threats against him. And so he should know that the actual Party of Extremism, Vileness and Hypocrisy is the Republican party.

Criticizing Israel is not antisemitism. Advocating for the liberation of the Palestinians and for human rights isn't, either.

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Anti-Semitism is one of the few things that the Far Left has in common with the Far Right.


Because both are conspiracy theories in nature, and if you scratch a conspiracy theory hard enough, you expose anti-Semitism.

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Oliver, all those things you cited -- the professors, the protesters, etc -- those are all evidence you say doesn't exist. I can't tell how you how many people I've stopped following who are perfectly happy to say Israel deserved it, etc, and who have all the sympathy in the world for Palestinian children -- as they should -- and none, but NONE, for Israeli children.

It's out there, and it's bad. And we're going to be in big trouble if we pretend like this is just all made up. It's turning off A LOT of people, just like Joe Biden is turning off a lot of youngs and Rashida Tlaib. We're in a real bad spot.

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There is a segment of the Far-Left that's become very anti-Israel and pro-Hamas. I see it here in Portland as the protests wind their way past my office downtown. They're mostly college-age kids and their posters and rhetoric are, frankly, pretty reprehensible. I'd wager most of them know little of the history of the region. They only seem to understand "Jews bad, Palestinians good."

While most of them seem genuine if somewhat misguided, there are some who are also distressingly anti-Semitic. I'm sorry, but the murder of 1400 innocents in an act of terrorism is NOT OK. There's no way to justify what Hamas did. Not that I'm justifying Israel's response, either.

I agree with Israel's stated mission of obliterating Hamas, but going through Palestinian civilians seems a barbaric and seriously disproportionate way to do it.

War doesn't determine who's right or wrong, only who's left...and there may not be many left in Gaza when all is said and done.

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Have you noticed what the media...whiny white rePUGliCONs who are mentally ill, I mean very rich... are talking about...hmmm not abortion, not a bad economy (which the economy is awesome btw), not critical race theory...but about terrorism...I love your articles Oliver! I am also a liberal...I like to say flaming liberal...lol but shithole america has so many stupid ppl who listen and believe these idiot right wing nut jobs! Fox News...ha ha ha NOT. God I could go on but why, these idiots like the chaos! Happy Halloween!

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Thank you for being one of the few normie liberals who seems to get this, Oliver.

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I really hate that some people are either #TeamGaza or #TeamIsreal and think you're incredibly bonkers to condemn the violence on both sides or call you a "fence-sitter." However, I'm really angry that people online are asking Jewish people questions that they themselves can find information for, they should do the work themselves to be an ally in this geopolitical event.

I just read that the FBI has advised that there might be blowback to deal with on US soil, and yeah, it's pretty evident. I wish I could put pics here, because there's currently two chickadees (or chickasquees) depending upon your local dialect, hanging upside down on my burdfeeder and they both look like they just figured out how to do it and are proud of themselves for being so smart.

Also, Hezbollah better stray in their lane.

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It is always time to punch a Hippie!

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Why is this crap in my feed. No thanks

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